How To Earn Money Online Without Investment: The Ultimate Guide

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment: The Ultimate Guide

The offer seemed attractive to him. He approached the counter and signed up for the job. The deal was he has to pay an initial amount of $40 to complete the registration. Once that is done, he will receive some survey forms and will get paid for it.

The Dangers of Online Scams

After a few days he received the first batch of surveys from his recruiter. On the survey, he was asked to fill some basic information such as the name and address of himself. He was even asked to explain why he would want to work with the business and if he’s willing to pay for the offers. After completing the registration form, he did receive one survey form. He filled in all the required information and paid an amount of $4. After submitting the forms, he got a receipt in his email which shows that he has completed the form. The receipt clearly stated that he has to pay $14 for getting the survey started. At first, he thought that he has to pay an initial amount of $40. But, the receipt stated that the registration is completed and the survey has started.

Ways to Make Money Without Investment

The first thing that came to his mind was about how to make money without investing. I can send it to my phone, he thought. So, he took out his smart phone, opened a random application and scrolled for different app on there. When he browsed, he found a Free Survey app and clicked on it. He found an option that says “make $5 by completing survey”, he clicked on it. The second time, the application asked him to take a selfie with a pen and provide his details. Once he completed the process, the app asked him to confirm his payment. He just took $5 and signed up. There are still couple of tasks in the process, so he’s still awaiting his next payment. He will receive his next payout once he completes those tasks. Here’s how the system works: the app gives an incentive to the user.

Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

People who are unemployed may think they can get money just by putting their name down. However, this is a scam. Here are the ways in which people can avoid getting ripped off: Use The Online Lookup An oldie but a goodie. You can use websites like urban dictionary,, quickanddirtymoney to find out about scams. The search engines also have a variety of options which you can use. However, remember not to search for any scammer’s name, unless you are 100% sure that they are legitimate. Avoid Paying Someone With A Check The scammers usually send you an e-mail in which they ask you to pay them some money via a wire transfer. After sending you that e-mail, they won’t talk to you or send you any other e-mail. If you refuse to pay them, they will accuse you of bad mouthing them.


The compensation he gets is based on the task completed and the response rate that he will get. The reputed site will send out a survey on the days specified by him. The company sends out $5 for a 10-20% response. The participants need to return the survey in three days, otherwise they lose their money. There is a small fee that is charged for cancellation of the registration. This works for a limited time. After 30 days, his refund amount is less than what he paid. And if the response rate is low, the refund amount is more. Now, this does sound too risky for most people. This is a common trick of these online survey companies to attract people. But this can help you earn some money without spending a penny. So here are some easy and simple methods to make money online without investing.

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