Earn money online without investment

In  Article I  will show you how you can earn money online without investment by

using this unique and free tool

to set everything on autopilot so you

can make money without investment doing any hard work and precious time.

 so you can basically just

lane on your bed and watch your balance

grow automatically and on top of that

you can set this up even with just your

phone with simple instructions

only because it’s available for both ios

and android mobile device and computer

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that way of course make the most money and collect profit

and this is the app that will help you

make all that money on incomplete

autopilot and i will show you step

by step how to set this up so this

tutorial is going to be divided into

actionable steps

so i highly recommend you complete them

as we go so by the end of the Article

you will be all ready and set up to

start earning money without investment

on incomplete autopilot with all these

absolutely free tools

step number one come over to 

  1. pixabay.com

pixabay is a library of over 10 000

different copyright free images and

copyright free videos

in any niche and for any category you

can think of

all of these videos and all of those

photos come with creative commons


which means you’re allowed to use them

on other websites

free of charge without any attribution

to the author

and don’t worry you will not have to

post this on any social media platforms


instagram twitter facebook or whatsoever

and no

i’m not going to tell you to resell

those photos for additional income because that doesn’t

necessarily work anymore

rather than that i just want to i just

want you to come over to pixabay.com go

over to

videos right here so we will be focusing

only on

videos today and then you want to search

for keywords like earn money online without investment

finance earnings money online without investment working from

home on your own working hours and so on and so forth

let’s for example search for earn money online without

just so i can show you what we are

looking for

so we’re looking for different business

and finance related

videos short videos because all of these

are like 10 to 15 seconds long

so let’s say for example let me just

find something interesting so maybe this

one this is

kind of like finance related videos so i

will click on it

and i will click the free download

button right here click download

and it will be immediately downloaded to

your computer with a creative commons

license as you can see freak for

commercial use

no attribution required so step number

one is to go over to pixabay.com

search for keywords like business

finance making money online and working

from home and just find a suitable video

to download to your computer

let’s say for example you want to use

this one just click on it click once

again the free download button and

download it to your computer

it’s really simple it’s really easy and

it’s going to take you less than 30


that was the step number

 On step number

two now you will need to use this

website it will actually pay you the

website from which you will be

collecting your earnings but this is not

the last platform what you need to use

this is not the last tool which you will

need to combine

in order to set this up properly and in

order to set it up on incomplete

autopilot so you can get everything done

without doing any hard work yourself

so stay tuned until the end and follow

each and every step to see exactly what

needs to be done

anyways step number two is to go over to

  1. volutic.com 

volutic is a place where is

high earn money by reading emails now

even though that is a great for additional income side hustle

and it’s an easy way to earn some extra


it’s not gonna make you a lot of money

like people are making only a couple of

dollars a day sometimes with this

website but today

i just want to show you how you can make

a lot a lot more money than that

purely passively without having to read

those emails

and without having to do that hard work

yourself but yeah even if you want to

you can definitely earn even extra cash

just by reading those emails you can

earn money by reading emails wherever

you are

what will look like you can earn money

by reading emails or wherever you are

from your pc tablet or mobile phone so

all of these

can be done even with just your

smartphone device only

and a great web and a great thing about

this website is that the minimum payout

is only 20 cents

so you don’t have to wait for weeks

months or years to reach the minimum

payout you can reach this in less than

like an hour and

cash out directly to your paypal account

or whatever payment option you have

selected now this is a pretty new

website that less than 50 000 people are

using so it’s right time to jump on the


and to take full advantage of it and if

we go over to payment proofs you will be

able to see that people from all

over the world are cashing out with the

swap side and you can see that we have

people from venezuela colombia ukraine

india cuba brazil once again india


peru indonesia vietnam cuba russia and

so on and so forth so people from all

over the world are making money with

this website because it’s worldwide


and they’re getting paid instantly now

all you would have to do is click on the

register button right here so you can

create a brand new account and you can

do so

by entering a unique username in this

box by entering a valid email address in

this box then create a password

retype that same password you can leave

this box blank if you want to you can

accept their terms of use and privacy

policy by clicking on these

two boxes and you can leave these blanks

unless you want to subscribe to their

lemur list

after that just click register and you

have created a brand new account in

volutic.com and once you create a brand

new account on www.com this is how it’s

going to look like once you log in

this is the dashboard where you can

track your earnings and obviously

for now it’s gonna say zero dollars

since it’s a brand new account

but that’s gonna change really soon if

you follow all of the steps from this


and since a lot of you guys always ask

how can you actually withdraw your money

from the website well here’s the

withdrawal button right here

all you have to do is click on it set up

your payment details and they will pay

you instantly once you have at least

20 cents on your account now a really

great thing about volutic.com

is that not only will they pay you

instantly but they have a really great

referral program that pays you one

dollar for every referral when your

referral earns

one dollar as well which means if you


one person and that person makes one

dollar with this website which is a


you will make one dollars passively you

refer 100 people

that’s 100 dollars without lifting a


1 000 people that’s 1 000 and so on and

so forth

and i’m gonna show you how you can reach

millions of people

with one single platform i’m going to

show you that in some of the next steps

but step number three is to log into

your account and just grab your referral

link which is going to be

on the main dashboard so you can see

your unique referral link

right here so just click the copy button

so you can copy that and so you can

start sharing that with other people

so you can make some passive income and

the final step what you will need to

complete is getting traffic to your

referral link now you want to find

people that will be interested in

signing up to volutic.com so they can

make some extra cash by reading those

emails and you can use this platform

called mgur that is according to similar


being visited by over 250 million people

every single month over 250 million


are using this website on a regular

monthly basis

and you can advertise to them for

absolutely free and i will show you

exactly how

and you can also see that those guys are

coming from top tier countries like

united states

japan united kingdom canada and germany

so this has a

massive potential imgur is a platform

where people are sharing different


gifs and photos that are being seen by

millions of people

on a regular basis so all you have to do

is go over to imgur.com click the sign

up button which is going to be right

here so you can create a brand new


and you can do so by entering a unique


by entering your valid email address in

this box create a password

retype that same password enter your

phone number and hit

next or you can just connect with

facebook twitter apple account

google or yahoo and once you create an

account on emailword.com you can log

into it and this is what you will see

you can browse all of these different

posts that are being published by

everyday people

like me and you but anyways what you

will need to do to set up this passive

income stream

so you can get loads of eyeballs on your

referral link is to click on a new post

right here this button

click on that and just select the video

or the image which you previously

downloaded from pixabay.com so that’s

why i said you need to download

images and videos related to making

money online

through business finance and working

from home

so just click on choose photo slash

video find that video which you

previously downloaded

double click on it and wait until it

loads it’s gonna ask you whether you

want them to remove the audio or not you

can either select

no or yes it really doesn’t matter i’ll

just keep the audio file

now just give your post a title so that

can be something along the lines of get


to read emails or to open up

emails and make sure to include the free

keyword in the title so people will see

that that’s absolutely free and that


can make some money they can benefit

free of charge

without investing any money at all and

they will just grab their attention a

lot more

and then in the description you can of

course add your referral link you need

to add your referral link so they can

sign up and earn money online without investment

Thanks for reading 

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