4 Creative Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Today I am going to show ways to make money from home on Instagram. We know that Instagram is a Social sharing site like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. If you want you can earn a lot of money on Instagram but you have to follow some techniques and you should learn the proper ways.
One of the most popular pictures sharing sites is Instagram and there are 75 million daily users. So, what can you do now?
What are the processes you need to follow first
Increase followers:
There are a bit ways to increase followers and look professional account.Fill out your information: Includes all your exact information. You should add some keywords and a few hashtags.
Good Photos: It’s very important that everyone looking for quality photos. And when you upload a photo it should be attractive. Don’t post any week images generally I am using a DSLR camera to take photos. You can buy it from Amazon (Click to buy).

Read the post: 8 Easy Ways To Make Money Online By Photography Websites.Regular Post: Publish post regularly if possible post several images every day. But don’t post all images at once if you can’t post several images every day then post at least one quality photo.
Engage Followers: This is not possible that people will follow you automatically. So, you have to spend a little time every day to engage your targeted followers like comment and like your relevant images.
Okay, let’s start to count your followers and began to make money from online.
How to Make Money on InstagramSell Photos:
This opportunity is only for professional photographers. Instagram is one of the best ways to sell your own created photos to agencies or individuals. But don’t post original photos there add a watermark and use the caption about selling manner.  Use the proper hashtag and try conversion with photography agencies.You can use to sell your Instagram photos following sites:

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Promote Your Products or Business:
Easily you can promote your business or products on Instagram. If you want to promote your product then take a gorgeous picture and share with your followers. Write attraction content with the hashtag.
Sell your Instagram Account:
You are not a loser and your hard work will not be lost. You can easily sell your Instagram account there are many sites where you can sell your accounts.Some of the sites here:

Affiliate Marketing:
Most of the people know about affiliate marketing. Actually, affiliate marketing is product promoting and when you get any sales from your promoting URL you will get some commission. There are many ways to promote affiliate product but you can do it on Instagram and you will get a better result very soon. Many website owner or bloggers promote affiliate product on their website following various ways such as banner, sidebar or blog post. So, Instagram also doing the same kind of task. You have to post attractive images with the affiliate link.
I am sharing here some affiliate sites for that reason you can work with this companies.
Ebates: You can get a huge commission from here by referring others people.
Shareasale: Sign up here and get approved then start product promoting.
Stylinity: It’s the best platform for a fashion blogger. You will get a good commission after purchasing a product using your link.
When you complete your profile put your affiliate link in your bio. You can use any link shorten like bitly.com or goo.gl because it will help you to check the sale.If you have any question or any query just leave a comment or contact us directly. We will try to solve any kind of problem. Thanks for being with us.

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